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Taeyeon’s 100Q 100A


16 year-old Taeyeon’s pre-debut Q&A post from her Cyworld minihompy (Korean Facebook)
(see second one here:

This has been partially translated and fully translated by certain people in the past but there has never been a full translation done with full satisfactory explanations.

{} parentheses used for explanations and alternative translations.

  1. 이름 —>  [金太軟]
    Name —> Kim Tae Yeon

  1. 나이 —>  이번에 17살이요 ㅋ고딩 _
    Age —> I turned 17 
    high schooler_
    {Korean age}

  2. 생년월일 —>  1989.3.9
    Birthday —> 1989 March 9th

  3. ???

  4. 출신학교 —>  양지중
    School —> Yanggi Middle School

    {Pronounced “Yang Ji”, website:}

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