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Taeyeon’s Second 100Q 100A


Taeyeon’s second pre-debut Q&A posted on the SM Trainee Fanclub site mid-2005
(see first one here:

{} parentheses used for explanations and alternative translations.

Story1# 신상명세
Story1# Personal Details

01. 이름ː김태연
01. Name: Kim Taeyeon

02. 생년월일/별자리ː1989. 3. 9. 물고기자리+_+
02. Birthdate/Star sign: 1989 March 9th, Pisces +_+

03. 혈액형ː잘모르겠어요ㅠ
03. Blood type: I don’t really knowㅠ

04. 키ː더클게요^^
04. Height: I’ll grow more^^

05. 몸무게ː더뺄게요^^
05. Weight: I’ll lose more^^

06. 가족관계ː아빠. 엄마. 오빠. 여동생. 체리
06. Family: Dad.Mom.Older brother.Younger sister.Cherry
{Cherry is their family dog. She has a habit of wriggling in between Taeyeon and her mom when they are lying down somewhere to talk}

07. 종교ː무교 ^ ^
07. Religion: No religion ^ ^

08. 별명ː때댁. 때때. Erika ㅋ
08. Nickname: Taedeck. Taetae. Erika ㅋ
{The 때 is actually pronounced ‘ddae’ for those who can pronounce the syllable. Historically, however, popular translations for this has been ‘tae’. Culturally, ‘ddae’ is actually a cuter/aegyo version of ‘tae’ because small children pronounce ‘tae’ like this}

09. 성격ː 음……..소심….발랄..
09. Personality: Um……..shy….outgoing..

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